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Meet Denver Hit List Founders

Denver natives Brooke Hecht and Courtney Fucarino are lifelong friends. They have five children between them and have raised their families together in this incredible city. Practically inseparable, these Denver moms know the city intimately. For years, friends and family have relied on them for recommendations—from finding the friendliest dog groomer to the cleanest nail salon to the best medical experts in town. Brooke and Courtney always know where to go—and now you can too, with the Denver Hit List!

Whether you’re relocating to the Denver area or just looking for a reliable resource to help you live your best Denver life, the Denver Hit List is your new little black book. Perfectionists at heart, Brooke and Courtney have personally used or have received from a reliable source every service company on the list. All referrals here are from trusted resources—and no one has paid to be featured!

Following the launch and subsequent growth of the Denver Hit List, Brooke and Courtney welcomed Brandie Seccombe to the team! Brandie is a fifth generation Denver native, mom, and professional with a marketing and communications background. She’s thrilled to be part of the team bringing you all the best that Denver has to offer.

Let’s face it: Good service is hard to find these days. So, when you do have a wonderful customer service experience, you want to shout it from the Rocky Mountain Tops! The Denver Hit List was sculpted over years of experiences and referrals—and now Brooke, Courtney, and Brandie are happy to share it with you!

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Why We’re Experts on Denver’s Top Service Providers

Welcome to the Denver Hit List!

You’re probably wondering, What makes you experts on all things Denver? And why should I just take your word for it?

Because the truth is, it’s not just our word—it’s the collective experience of many that has resulted in the compilation of this amazing resource guide!

For starters, the Denver Hit List team—Brooke Hecht, Courtney Fucarino, and Brandie Seccombe—have a large social network (think Facebook in the flesh) of family and friends that have grown up and raised families in Denver and the surrounding area. For many years, they’ve traded recommendations for service providers over coffee, phone, or email. As the list has grown, Brooke, Courtney and Brandie felt selfish keeping it to themselves. They thought, Why shouldn’t anyone in the Denver area looking for stellar service have access to all of these amazing people and businesses that we’ve grown to love and trust? And that’s how the Denver Hit List Came into existence.

Brooke, Courtney, and Brandie’s personal experiences inform the Hit List as well. Having started a home-organizing business with her mother 20 years ago, Brooke has been working with Denver-area clients for decades to help get their homes in order. During this very intimate process, as Brooke worked one-on-one with her clients and got to know them better, they would inevitably ask Brooke for recommendations for other service providers. Brooke would reach out to her network, thus extending the chain of information further into the community. Often Brooke would check back with clients to see how their experiences went with the recommended resources. If the review was positive and the service provider went above and beyond, that was noted for future recommendations.

Courtney’s contribution to the list likewise stems from her personal experiences, in this case building her own Denver-area home. During the process, she had both successful and unsuccessful relationships with a myriad of service providers, offering perspective on what makes for a satisfying working relationship on both sides. During the home-building process, Courtney compiled an extensive group of contacts whom she recommends and relies on, to this day, for all of her home maintenance and repair needs. Service providers who were respectful, timely, and empathetic while getting the job done correctly are included in the list. Courtney learned a difficult and sometimes costly lesson on this journey: Get the right person or company for the job the first time, so you can avoid having it re-done by someone else.

Brandie’s contributions to the Denver Hit List team are informed by both her personal and professional experiences. Having worked in the telecommunications and Internet fields for 12 years, Brandie understands the level of treatment customers expect and deserve from a service provider. Having custom built her own home, she worked with a number of contractors throughout the process. Much like Courtney, she understands the value of finding the best provider for the job. Known to many as “the girl who gets the best deals,” Brandie spends much of her time working with vendors to procure the best deals for Denver Hit List subscribers—all without sacrificing the top quality and service they deserve!

That’s exactly what the Denver Hit List is all about: Finding a qualified, highly recommended service provider you can trust to meet your needs. As anyone can attest, good service relationships are formed on a platform of trust and respect. Trust the Denver Hit List to get you there!


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