Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Dr. Adrienne Stewart


3300 East 1st Ave Suite 400
Denver, CO 80206


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I have been a patient at Dr. Stewart’s office for the last 10 years. I have seen Dr. Stewart herself for random concerns and always been happy with the service and outcome. I have regularly seen Miriam in that office for skin procedures. Miriam has transformed the skin on my face. My teens and twentys were tough years for my skin. It was a constant battle trying to keep either oil or dryness balanced. However, since going to Miriam regularly, I now get positive comments on my skin often. Miriam seems to know just what machine and skin care product my skin needs throughout the growing years and changing seasons. I never dreamt good skin quality would happen for me, but Miriam made that happen. I am very grateful I was led to this office.