Dr. Kenton Bruice

Dr. Kenton Bruice


55 Madison Street Suite 575
Denver, CO 80206


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Peri menopause and menopause were dibilitating until I found Dr. Bruice. The hot flashes night and day were uncomfortable and at times embarrassing. Mood swings, fatigue, depression, weight gain and hair thinning are some of the struggles during this period of time. I started seeing Dr. Bruice once already menopausal. After a quick in office blood test, he prescribed a natural creme I use twice daily and the symptoms subsided in a month. Dr. Bruice told me he wished I had been in to see him ten years earlier and he could have eased the whole transition for me. I highly recommend a visit to his office to any female that starts noticing hormonal changes. Dr. bruise also sees men in his practice to aid in hormone balance.